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Women and Men Together for the Water


The Women and Water Coming Together Symposium (WWCTS) is a program of Grassroots individuals who are dedicated to provide Native American Teachings & Healings that will instill in our participants a new perspective of the way Native Americans think and believe about water, life, and Mother Earth.  Water is Life.  WWCTS is working for clean water that will sustain Life for the next seven generations to come.  We honor all who want to be a part of this new movement for the water. 

We ask you this question:

If the Great Spirit gave us Humans another chance at a good life with good clean water from a great lake like LAKE SUPERIOR, would you be strong enough to stand up and say “NO” to the Corporations (like Nestle Corporation), mining companies, oil companies, fracking, and tar sand mining that exploit, pollute, sell, contaminate, and dump (toxic) waste – all for the sake of the “Almighty dollar”?


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