We would like to extend our deepest appreciation for the donations by our supporters

for The Old Traditional Values and Teaching Methods Project.

Special Acknowledgement goes to the Forest County Potawatomi and

the Otto Bremer Foundation for believing in our work.

Also a Big Miigwech to the Individuals and Organizations (listed below) for their support, time, energy, materials and monetary funds toward The Women and Water Coming Together Symposium.  More names to follow.

 Chi Miigwech!

GLIFWC LCO Community College LCO Tribal Governing Board
Milwaukee Council Of Elderly Joseph Ellis Music WOJB Radio Station
Circle Systems Chicago American Indian Center Chicago Recording Center
Chicago Sheraton TJ Murphy Law Market Designs
Milwaukee Indian Summer Festival Bad River Planning Office Oklahoma Indian Tribe (Seminole)
Tennessee / Alabama Festival Paul Demain – News From Indian Country Sawyer County Record
LCO Convention Center Jessica Cox – Proposal Firm Josh Fox – International Wow Company
Milwaukee Water Common Beehive Botanicals – Linda Graham Celeste Lxchel
Barbara Muth Ana Paola Dona & Ben Yahola
Amy & David Maack Patty Wiesneski Bill Buchholtz
Michael Nichols Michael Bucher Bardo Leoso
Carol Hopkins Danielle Lablanc Joshephine Mandamin
Isabelle Adell Kelly Jackson Carl Whiting
Judy Skog John Endrizzen Deb Anderson
Jason Schlender Mic Isham Ann & Greg Hermann
Nicholas Barron Mary Beth Elliott Leah Horowitz
Harry Bennet Danial Dunn Karen & Sam Craig
Dan Creely Kevin Mckettigan Keya Hutchins
Miel Dragun Maureen Smith Sister Margaret Troy
Hazel Jonjack Mike Wiggins Jr. Mark Denning
Ele Kay Miles Goddard Siobhan Marks
Tevoli Gudino Karen Isham Eunice Zamora
Karen Donahoe Victoria Carpenick Roberta Decora
Dorothy Quaderer Nitahwis Baker Erin Ede
Gary “Bay” Quaderer Jr Suzanne Mills-Wemm Rhonda & Paul Wharton
Bobby Bullet Janelle & Elpidio Girtler Sara Balbin
Joseph Davis Frank Zuffal Keith Secola
Essie Corbine Rose Gokey Gary Jerome
Sue Lemieux Jim Zorn Paco Fralick