Ways to Help


  • You can help us to help each other by donating what you can on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • By purchasing the CDs that are offered on our website. All proceeds and donations and sales are used to pay for the Cultural Healing Center’s expenses and to help keep us going. 
  • You can also support us by sending us supportive letters and your commitments to attending our up-coming showcase and conference.
  • By telling others about it and spreading the word. You have a year to start saving for this one of a kind event.

Songs and Stories for Healing by Maryellen Baker
mp3 download only. Click here to purchase.

Nokomis: Honoring my Grandmother
This newly released c.d. Nokomis  is the second music c.d. for Maryellen Baker. Nokomis  Honoring My Grandmother is a collection of stories and songs that will lift you up as Maryellen eloquently delivers the message from the Spirit.
Purchase by clicking here.


Donations are open to men and women around the world who wish to support Abiinooji-Aki and the Women and Water Symposium.
Consider donating money in honor or in memory of a loved one. Click here for the donation form.
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We are asking the men of the world to support us in every which way they can because they are the protectors of life. To have the balance in all that we, as women do, we need them. We are writing to the men for donations of $5.00 or more in support of this great one of a lifetime event. Click here for the Call to Action from Maryellen Baker.